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Patient Support

help facilitate diagnosis for people

with unexplained symptoms

  1. Patients travel long distances across Ghana to come to Accra to seek medical care at the rheumatology clinic

Patients as well as primary caregivers need to attain a deeper appreciation of lupus, network with others to know that they are not alone in the fight against lupus and other autoimmune diseases. The frustrations and pains associated with dealing with chronic autoimmune conditions can lead to emotional and mental breakdown for patients and caregivers. It further gets compounded it denial and indifference to the challenges at hand.

At OYEMAM, we have been privileged to provide counselling as support to encourage patients, families and others to be hopeful and soldier on in life. We continue to inspire hope to live on.

Contact us today. You or the ones you are concerned about don’t have to carry your burden all alone. We care!

Medication assistance
The cost of medications for chronic autoimmune conditions like lupus is very expensive. It becomes overburdening for patients and families. Consequently, patients are left alone to their own fate without any help. This causes patients to default in their medication regime, dietary needs etc. leading to relapses and ultimately death if no interventions are made.


OYEMAM provides medications to support eligible patients in need. The medications and therapies are numerous and varied depending on the symptoms that patients experience –
* Corticosteroids
* Anti-inflamatories
* Immuno-suppressives
We accept medications in good state for this purpose.


Social support
The Foundation makes visitations to patients and caregivers when deemed necessary as part of its support services.

Bidding farewell to a lupus warrior
In 2019, we were deeply saddened by the passing of a lupus warrior who had been part of our Lupus Awareness Campaign in Ghana.
Tribute to Dorcas, a lupus warrior.