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About Us

Oyemam Autoimmune Foundation (OYEMAM) is a duly registered non-profit organization that is committed to inspiring hope in people affected directly or indirectly by autoimmune diseases. We demonstrate our commitment through advocacy, raising awareness, education, counselling as well as fundraising to provide support services such as medical assistance among others for people with autoimmune diseases.

The vision of OYEMAM was born in the year 2011 out of a personal experience of suffering from multiple autoimmune diseases, the lessons learnt and the consequent passion to be part of the solution to others (especially young people) going through similar challenges.

Most people are not aware that an autoimmune disease is a likely problem that they may come across in life. Autoimmune diseases can attack anybody, and are increasingly becoming as prevalent as other well-known diseases. Many people are suffering from autoimmune conditions that they are either unaware of or have misconceptions about.

Often times, precious lives are lost as a result of lack of awareness, wrong or late diagnosis and delayed or poor treatment. If left unchecked, an autoimmune disease can interfere in a person’s life by causing a little nuisance up to the extent of completely denying a person from living a meaningful life.

It may seem hopeless when an autoimmune condition like lupus strikes out of the blue. Indeed it is hopeless when there is no knowledge and support. However, we can all help sufferers of autoimmune disorders manage their conditions well enough to live normal lives.



National Philanthropy Excellence Awards


OYEMAM deems it worthwhile to collaborate and learn from other similar organizations as well as participate in both local and international programs to enhance its work and contribution to the overall global fight against lupus and autoimmunity.

As a non-profit organization championing the course of autoimmunity in Ghana, OYEMAM’s work goes a long way to complement the efforts of the Ghana Health Service in the delivery of quality healthcare to Ghanaians.

We have done extensive awareness creation and advocacy outreaches which has drawn attention to lupus in Ghana. It is our hope to have more positive results from our advocacy with our policymakersand all who matter in our goal to put autoimmunity on the national agenda of Ghana.
OYEMAM is a member of the World Lupus Federation and also part of the Coalition of NGOs in Health in Ghana. We also collaborate with other organizations with similar interests.

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World Lupus Federation

Lupus Group Leaders’ Workshop - Melbourne, Australia (2017)

Lupus Group Leaders’ Workshop – San Francisco, California, USA (2019)

Lupus Foundation of America (LFA)

Lupus Group Leaders’ Workshop - Melbourne, Australia (2017)

Lupus Knows No Boundaries. We are delighted to collaborate across the nations to help solve this cruel mystery of lupus.

LFA Walk to End Lupus, NY (2019)

LALIQ Lupus Symposium, NY (2016)

The Executive Director of OYEMAM participated in a lupus symposium organized by the Lupus Alliance of Long Island and Queens in New York, USA.

Crazy Became Me book launch (2019)

It was a pleasant honour for OYEMAM to support our lupus sister Daniella Djan to launch her book Crazy Became Me in Accra. We highly recommend this book to all – patients, caregivers, healthcare workers, policymakers, media and the general public. Contact us for copies if need be.

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Autoimmune Diseases have not received the attention it requires in Ghana. The awareness level is extremely low among the general public and even among healthcare practitioners. Lupus, for example, is so real in Ghana; it is killing people especially our women undetected, depriving workplaces of valuable human resource and adversely affecting lives. Something can be done about it.

Join the fight - Lupus Awareness Campaign - to address the heartbreaking
challenges of lupus in Ghana. You can make a difference.

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Our heartfelt appreciation to our partners and sponsors who have joined us in impacting lives:

Oyemam Autoimmune Foundation

Autoimmune disorders are real and they are killing people and affecting lives in our society. Knowledge and support can help preserve lives.

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